Ladies Special

असंच एका वॉल मॅगझिनसाठी लिहिलेलं एक नॅनो-आर्टिकल-

You must have read about scripts engraved on tablets, inked on scrolls, inscribed on palm leaves. But have you heard about a script that was once stitched on pieces of cloth? If not, read this article!

Sometime around the 15th century, there emerged a script in Jiangyong county of China. It was named “Nushu”, literally- “women’s writing”. Yes, women invented things like a windshield wiper, a practical dishwasher and a disposable diaper. And they also created a script. Even though the historical records suggest that Nushu was used exclusively among women, other records have been found which suggest that men knew about this script but ignored it because it was ‘unworthy of male attention’.

Nushu characters are derived from Chinese characters. Like Chinese, Nushu is written in columns that are arranged from right to left. However, Nushu characters are believed to represent syllables, whereas those of written Chinese are said to indicate not only the pronunciation but also the meaning.

A major part of Nushu works was found in cloth bound booklets, while other works were found hand-woven in belts or embroidered in clothing items. This peculiar style of inscription has left its mark on the script itself. It is said that some of its characters appear to be derived from embroidery patterns.

Unfortunately, this wonderful script met its end when its last user- Yang Huanyi passed away in 2004. The good news is that people in China are making an effort to revive this script.

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